File GSTR-1 with DSC EVC

File GSTR-1 with DSC EVC Click the FILE RETURN button. The Returns Filing for GSTR1 page is displayed. Select the Declaration checkbox. In the Authorised Signatory drop-down list, select the authorized signatory. This will enable the two buttons – FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC. Click the FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC button to file GSTR-1. Note: On filing of the GSTR-1, notification through e-mail and SMS […]

Acknowledgement GSTR 1 Submit Status

Acknowledgement GSTR 1 Submit Status, Acknowledge and Submit GSTR-1 to freeze data 1. Select the acknowledgement checkbox stating that you have reviewed the details of preview and the information furnished is correct and are aware that no changes can be made after submit. Once you click the acknowledgement, the SUBMIT button will be enabled. 2. Click the SUBMIT button […]

Generate GSTR-1 Summary

Generate GSTR-1 Summary 1. Scroll down to the bottom of the GSTR-1 – Details of outward supplies of goods or services page and click the GENERATE GSTR1 SUMMARY button to include the auto drafted details pending for action from recipients. The invoices that were missed to be included by you, may have been added in the Uploaded by Receiver while filing […]

Track GST Registration Status Using ARN

Track GST Registration Status Using ARN ( Application Reference Number I am a taxpayer. How can I track ARN Status of my registration application that I have submitted without logging to the GST Portal? On submission of the registration application, you will be given an Application Reference Number (ARN). You can track status of your application by […]

Cancellation of GST Provisional Registration

Cancellation of GST Provisional Registration 1. I have been registered under VAT, Service tax or Central Excise tax regime and have received my Provisional ID and password. I have not logged in to the GST Portal even once. How can I cancel my Registration with GST? Access the URL The GST Home page is displayed. Click […]