Download GSTR 6 Return Acknowledgement

Download GSTR 6 Return Acknowledgement

Select the acknowledgement checkbox stating that you have reviewed the details of preview and the information furnished is correct and you are aware that no changes can be made after submit. Once you click the acknowledgement, the SUBMIT button will be enabled.

Click the SUBMIT button in the landing page to submit GSTR-6.


  • The submit button will freeze the invoices uploaded in the GSTR-6 for that particular month. You will be not able to upload any further invoices for that month. In case you have missed adding any invoice, you can upload those invoices in the next month or you can wait for supplier to add it in supplier GSTR-1.

3. Click the PROCEED button.

  1. A success message is displayed at the top of the page. Once you submit the data, data is frozen and you cannot change any fields. Refresh the page.
  2. Refresh the page and the status of GSTR-6 changes to Submitted after the submission of GSTR-6.
  3. Click thePREVIEWbutton again, to download the submitted GSTR-6 in PDF format.

The PDF file generated would now bear watermark of final Form GSTR-6.

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