Form GST ARA-01 ARA 02 ARA 03 Acknowledgement

Form GST ARA-01 ARA 02 ARA 03 Acknowledgement

Form and manner of application to the Authority for Advance Ruling.-(1)An application for obtaining an advance ruling under sub-section (1) of section 97 shall be made on the common portal in FORM GST ARA-01 and shall be accompanied by a fee of five thousand rupees, to be deposited in the manner specified in section 49.

The application referred to in sub-rule (1), the verification contained therein and all the relevant documents accompanying such application shall be signed in the manner specified in rule 26.

Certification of copies of advance rulings pronounced by the Authority.-A copy of the advance ruling shall be certified to be a true copy of its original by any member of the Authority for Advance Ruling.

Form GST ARA-01 ARA 02 ARA 03 Acknowledgement

After a payment is made, click the Downloads > Offline Tools > GST ARA 01 – Application for Advance Ruling  command.

The zip file with the pdf copy of the Form GST ARA -01, Advance Ruling will be downloaded. Check the Downloads folder of your computer and print the form.

Fill the all details in the Form GST ARA -01, Advance Ruling.

Note: In the GSTIN Number, if any/ User-id field, enter the temporary ID that you created. In the last field, Payment details field, enter the CIN number of the Challan.

After filling the form, submit the form at the State Tax Department. The State Tax Department will inform about the further process.

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